Automatic Insulation Paper Cutting Machine





·        Free to control product quantity;the best motor machine for various kinds of model with
small orders.

·        High precision feeding motor,it helps to loading preciously and easy to operate the

·        There are another paper cutting machine series of TISY-1400, TISY-1500, TISY-1200.

·        Insulation paper cutting by AC motor,it running peripherally and nonuser of pneumatic
system and hydraulic system.

·        Automatic insulation paper detecting. Without paper,the machine will auto stop.

·        Temperature controlled in fixture to make better of insulator cutting process.

   TISY1200 series additional feeding device.
   TISY-1400 :

Ø     Cutting Length: 22-45mm

Ø     Cutting Width: 25-140mm

Ø     Folding Width: 2-4mm

Ø     Power Supply: 1Phase 220V

Ø     Cutting Speed: 70pcs/min

Ø     Power:1/2HP

Ø     Machine Volume: 750x500x1100mm(LxWxH)

Ø     Machine Weight: 180kgs

Ø     Paper Thickness: 0.19-0.25mm


   TISY-1500: :

Ø     Cutting Length: 38-80mm

Ø     Cutting Width: 30-360mm

Ø     Folding Width: 4-8mm

Ø     Power Supply: 3Phase220V

Ø     Cutting Speed: 60pcs/min

Ø     Power:1HP

Ø     Machine Volume: 975x740x1197mm(LxWxH)

Ø     Machine Weight: 280kgs

Ø     Paper Thickness:0.19-0.35mm


TISY-1200: :

Ø     Cutting Length: 50-120mm

Ø     Cutting Width: 100-700mm

Ø     Folding Width: 7-15mm

Ø     Power Supply: 3Phase220V

Ø     Cutting Speed: 50pcs/min

Ø     Power: 1HP

Ø     Machine Volume: 1360x1050x1290mm(LxWxH)

Ø     Machine Weight: 400kgs

Ø     Paper Thickness: 0.25-0.4mm

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